Sand Point Country Club is a private golf and country club in Seattle, Washington.

Equity Golf
Limited to 400 members, the Equity Golf membership offers the most comprehensive access to Sand Point Country Club facilities, from the premiere 18-hole golf course, to the swimming pool, fitness center, tennis courts and dining venues. Equity Golf members must pay an Initiation Fee and purchase a share of stock; stock prices are set by the equity golf member.

Social, Swim & Tennis
This popular membership category features access to all swimming, tennis and fitness programs at Sand Point Country Club, as well as the Clubhouse dining facilities. Due to high demand, new members are asked to join as Clubhouse Social members and are placed on a waitlist for the Social, Swim & Tennis category.

Clubhouse Social
Clubhouse Social members have access to all of the Clubhouse dining and meeting facilities and fitness center, which makes it an ideal addition to any small business with entertainment and client development needs. This membership also provides a waitlist for members waiting to upgrade to Social, Swim & Tennis.

For more information or a Membership Application, please contact or Membership Services Director, click here to learn more.
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